USS Susquehannock Green Screen


Green Screen Magic with the USS Susquehannock


- The Best Souvenir AND the Best Cause

The USS Susquehannock is a STARFLEET (International Star Trek Fan Club) chapter located in the Harrisburg / York, Pennsylvania area.  At White Rose Comic Con the USS Susquehannock will be running the Green Screen.  Enjoy a pic in the fan-based background of your choice, with or without Cosplay, or / and get a Photo Op with your favorite celebrities at the event!  Dozens of backgrounds  and numerous fandoms to choose from! Best of all- all proceeds go to supporting 2 charities- The Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania, which protects wolves and hybrid wolf-dogs from extinction and The Wounded Warriors Project- an organization that helps veterans from the military.  So, get a  GREAT souvenir and help a worthy cause!!

This link should send you to some awesome greenscreen pics! Try to use ones that do not show faces unless you recognize the peeps!

Vendor Information

In addition to their GreenScreen set up, the USS Susquehannock STARFLEET chapter will  have numerous items on display for your perusal. There are T shirts, figures , toys and a special item-the little "Tribblish" fur balls that are known to make pleasant Cooing sounds and reproduce quickly.  Also. learn more about the STARFLEET organization and the activities that it has available while once again supporting the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania and the Wounded Warriors Project.  Come, explore, and who knows what you will find!

Cosplay Contest

Additional Information

Cosplay contest to take place on Sunday March 24 @ 1pm.  The contest will be judged by the 501st Legion and the USS Susquehannock.  There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Two age categories.  16 and older.  15 and under.